Carinthia University of Applied Sciences


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Since its inception, the FH Kärnten has developed into a unique educational institution in Carinthia. Due to the constant further development of the study programs of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and intensive cooperation with industry and science, FH students are sure to have a future-oriented education.

The FH Kärnten lives the model of immediate practical relevance. Principal and part-time employees, as well as guest lecturers from industry, ensure interdisciplinary, internationally oriented university education.Currently, around 30-degree programs are offered in the fields of technology, health, and social affairs, as well as economics.

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Face to face

We are known for our open and family atmosphere. At our university, great importance is attached to the personal coexistence of students, employees, and professors. Small working groups enable individual support.


Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is a dynamic and dialogue-oriented university for applied sciences with regional roots and international orientation. It works in the fields of health and social affairs, technology, and economics. Its core tasks are in the areas of study and teaching, applied for research, knowledge transfer, and further education.


Carinthia University of Applied Sciences е основана през 1995 г. в законната форма на сдружение като носител на учебните програми на Fachhochschule в Каринтия. Седалището на асоциацията беше в Спитал ан дер Драу. От началото на 2002 г. Университетът на Каринтия - Благотворителна частна фондация е спонсор и поддържащ програмите за степен на висше образование.



Hauptplatz 12
A-9560 Feldkirch, Форарлберг, Австрия


Primoschgasse 8-10
Клагенфурт, Каринтия, Австрия


Europastraße 4
Вилах, Каринтия, Австрия

Spittal an der Drau

Villacher Straße 1
Spittal an der Drau, Каринтия, Австрия

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